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Physical store opens as usual. Please remember to wear a mask before entering our store.


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Online shopping > Add to cart > Checkout > Fill in the order information > Order completed.

Order on WhatsApp / Facebook

Send the product(s) you want to order and shipping and contact information to WhatsApp (+852 9609 9876) or "Léselle" Facebook page.

The styles displayed on the website are limited. Welcome to discuss your needs with us and customize the gift.


Order on Léselle Website

We accept payment from debit or credit cards - American Express, VISA, Mastercard, as well as payments made by PayPal, Shop Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Order on WhatsApp / Facebook

We accept payment from PayMe, FPS, AliPay and WeChat Pay.

Store Purchase

We accept payment from PayMe, FPS, AliPay and WeChat Pay as well as cash.


Same Day Delivery

Same day delivery service is provided in Hong Kong.

Same day delivery time: Mon to Sun 10:00 - 22:00 (Please consult in advance for special hours)

S.F. Express

Use shock-proof bubble wrap packaging to provide complete protection for the goods and ensure that the goods remain in good condition when they are delivered.

S.F. Express provides delivery services in Hong Kong, all year round (except after 4pm on Saturdays as well as Sundays and public holidays).

Store Pickup

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11:00 - 21:00

Please indicate or call to inform the pick-up time to facilitate production.

International Shipping

For shipping methods outside Hong Kong, please refer to Shipping for details.


1. Under normal circumstances, it can be delivered at the scheduled time, but the actual delivery time is affected by the delivery route, the day's shipment, traffic conditions, and special weather conditions. It may be early or delayed.

2. Due to the different attributes of each product, we will arrange the appropriate delivery method for you.

3. If you have special delivery needs, please contact us to provide you with appropriate delivery suggestions.

4. If the recipient refuses to sign for the goods, no one receives the goods, or we are unable to contact the recipient for more than 20 minutes, so that the deliveryman returns the goods to the company, the customer shall bear the relevant delivery costs.

Order Processing Details

Order processing time

It takes time to make floral products. After receiving the order, it is usually shipped within 2-3 working days. If the product is in stock, under normal circumstances, we will arrange the same day delivery.

Since the product may not be in stock, if the customer needs to arrange same-day delivery or store pick-up when placing an order, please contact us to check the stock status.

Delivery time

Hong Kong: Under normal circumstances, we will arrange same-day delivery, which can be delivered to the designated place within 1-2 hours at the earliest. The actual delivery time depends on the delivery area, weather and traffic conditions. If we arrange S.F. Express delivery, the goods will generally arrive at the recipient address within two working days after being sent out. Customers can also pick up in person.

Overseas regions: The delivery time of "Standard Shipping" is 3 to 7 working days, and that of "Express Shipping" is 2 to 4 working days, depending on the delivery address. For more accurate delivery time, please refer to Shipping.


We will try our best to ensure that the products provided are similar to the product pictures, but because the flowers are natural products, the shape of each flower will be different. Our florists will make corresponding designs according to the shape of the flower material and try to restore the effect on the product picture.

Because the output of some flowers is unstable, sometimes it will lead to a shortage of matching flowers. We will find replacements of similar flowers to try to ensure that their matching does not affect the overall effect.

Gift Wrapping & Greeting Card

Gift wrapping

In addition to creating surprises for the recipient, a gift box also provides appropriate collision protection for floral gifts, so each Léselle's product comes with a beautiful gift box or bouquet tote.

However, if your purchase is for your own use or for any other reasons so that you do not require a gift box or bouquet tote we provide, to avoid unnecessary waste, please inform us when placing the order, we will use other packaging that can also provide protection for flower gifts instead.

Greeting Card

We also provide the service of writing greeting card, if necessary, please send the content of the card to us, we will provide you with assistance.

Custom Order

We can design the eternal flower gift in your mind according to your personal preferences. However, custom orders may require more production time, and the price will be adjusted according to the cost of different materials such as flowers or containers, please feel free to contact us. Click here to learn more about our customized services.


1. Once the custom order is processing (including material ordering), custom products cannot be replaced, returned, or refunded.

2. We do not recommend that you make any modifications to the completed custom floral gift, because the modification will cause the loss of flower materials and affect the appearance. If modification is necessary, the customer shall bear the risk by himself / herself.

3. We will try our best to make the custom product according to the description of the customer, but since the floral gift is a handicraft and each person's aesthetic is different, the customer needs to bear the relevant risks.

Metal Tag Lettering

We provide metal tag lettering service and since this service is not included with the product, it is a fee-based service (HK$120). You can choose different languages ​​and fonts according to your personal preferences. The maximum area of the metal tag is 10cm x 10cm. We will give an appropriate suggestion for the size of metal tag according to its number of words and the size of the product.

The size of the metal tag will inevitably limit the number of words. Taking the size standard we generally adopt (width 6cm, height 3-4cm) as an example, the maximum number of Chinese characters is about 20 (or 40 for English letters) with 3 rows. Before we formally arrange lettering, we will first make a computer draft for your reference.

If the product is a preserved flower decoration with a wooden base, we can generally also engrave on the wooden base. If necessary, please contact us for more details about the lettering service.

Change / Cancel Order

Change the Delivery Information or Content of Greeting Card

You must contact us to complete the change procedure two business days before the designated delivery time.

Change / Adjust Ordered Product(s)

Please contact us to discuss first, if changes can be made, fees will be charged depending on the replacement of flowers.

Cancel Order

In order to allow customers to receive the order in the shortest time, we generally process the order (including material ordering, producing, packaging and shipping) immediately after payment is made, so the customer cannot cancel the order after payment. Please refer to Léselle's Return Policy for details.

Product Care

Preserved flowers need extra care. If not maintained properly, they are prone to moisture and mildew. Also, the petals will easily fade and the life span is shortened.

Precautions for basic maintenance of Preserved Flowers:

1. Don't touch it

2. Avoid strong light

3. Avoid cold air

4. Clean it with hair dryer

5. Storage conditions: humidity 40% to 65%; temperature 8°C to 28°C 

Click here to learn more about the maintenance of Preserved Flowers.

Complaints about Goods and Services

If the quality of the goods or services is defective, please contact us within 24 hours after the goods are delivered and keep the goods as they are. We will understand as soon as possible and provide you with satisfactory remedies.